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Public Access Cable TV
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Access Issues
Alternative Television and Video

Access Phoenix
A cable television station that provides an opportunity for the citizens of Phoenix, Arizona to exercise their right of freedom of expression by increasing communication and promoting diversity of ideas though the communication media.
Access Sacramento
Access Sacramento is a nonprofit public service organization located in Sacramento, California.
Access Tucson
Community access for Tucson, Arizona.
Akaku Maui Community Television
Community TV station located Kahului, Maui, Hawaii that provides training and equipment.
Alliance for Community Media
Committed to assuring everyone's access to electronic media by creating public education, advancing a positive legislative and regulatory environment, building coalitions, and supporting local organizing.
Bedford Community Television
Community television located in Bedford, New Hampshire.
Bolingbrook Community Television
Public access facility located in Bolingbrook, Illinois.
Boriqua Fitness!
Website of the fitness and entertainment cable show shown locally in the Bronx, Brooklyn, Queens and Manhattan.
Butte College TV
Media and long distance learning center in Oroville, California.
Calaveras Community Television, Inc.
CCTV is a non-profit public benefit corporation producing programs of local nature to be shown on cable television in San Andreas, California.
Cambridge Community Television
CCTV's community-based media center is located in Central Square, the heart and soul of Cambridge, Massachusetts. CCTV provides a public forum for Cambridge residents to participate in both local and global interactions using electronic media.
Chicago Access Network Television
CAN TV is one of the largest and most widely used public access TV centers in the country located in Chicago, Illinois.
City Visions
Public access television for San Fancisco, California.
Community Media of the Foothills
KGEM's cable access stations located in Monrovia, California, a small city 20 miles northeast of Los Angeles.
Community Television of Santa Cruz
Community Television for Santa Cruz County, California.
A California non-profit local public television corporation serving Pleasanton, Livermore, Dublin and San Ramon.
Dayton Access Television
DATV is a nonprofit organization providing local program producers access to cable television in Dayton, Ohio.
Davis Community Television is a non-profit, membership-based public access television center offering community members the tools and training to produce their own programs for the cable channel located in Davis, California.
Denver Community Television
Denver Community Television is a nonprofit organization established to facilitate, promote, coordinate, and manage public access programming in Denver, Colorado.
Discovery Health Channel
A cable channel offering programming about medical breakthroughs, healthy stories and the ever changing world of health care.
ETC 33 - Fridley Communications Workshop
Everyone's television channel, bringing public access to the web.
Evanston Community Media Center
The Evanston Media Center provides Public, Education, and Government Access to Evanston, Illinois.
Fairfield Iowa
Offering online information about Fairfield public access television.
Grand Rapids Public Access Television
GRTV is the Community Access Television Channel for the city of Grand Rapids, Michigan.
Hartford Public Access TV
Hartford Public Access Television Network is a public, education, and government access facility located in Hartford, Connecticut.
HO'IKE: Kaua'i Community Television, Inc.
HO'IKE, which means "to show or display," is a non-profit P.E.G. access television corporation. Ho'ike currently serves the island of Kaua'i with three channels for Public, Education, and Government Programming.
Hudson Valley Talent Vision
Hosted by former Bealtemania and Goodfellas cast member Pete Santora, HVTV is the Hudson Valleys hottest new music and entertainment program.
Intercommunity Cable Regulatory Commission
ICRC is a regional council of governments formed under the Ohio revised code chapter 167 and an independent, non-profit public access center located in Sharonville, Ohio.
Juneau Public Access Television
Public Access Television Station in Juneau, Alaska.
Kalamazoo Community Access Center
Access television provider that serves the cities of Kalamazoo & Parchment and the townships of Comstock, Kalamazoo & Oshtemo via Cablevision of Michigan channels 30, 31, 32 & 33.
Community access television center serving Oceanside, California.
The Los Angeles cable television cable access corporation, LACTAC is a non-profit corporation dedicated to bringing the communities of Los Angeles quality educational programming.
Lockport Community Television
Provides public, education, and government access programming for Lockport, New York's Community.
Macatawa Area Community Television
MacTV provides PEG access for the greater Macatawa area.
Malden Access TV
MATV is a PEG access center for cable tv subscribers of MediaOne. Malden access television is a vibrant community media center in this diverse town just north of Boston.
Miami Valley Cable Council
MVCC is a council of governments serving eight member cities in the South Dayton, Ohio suburbs. Managing four cable TV access channels, overseeing two cable television franchises and is involved in a variety of intergovernmental activities.
Mid-Coast Television
MCTV is a non-profit community access television station serving the coast in San Mateo County, California.
Modern Media Barn
Supports research and education in the broadband industry. Includes edited links, resource material, discussion board and classes.
Mountain Community Television
Public information site for Channel 15 Mount Shasta, California.
Mountain View Community Television
KMVT is an independent, non-profit 501C3 organization, serving the community of Mountain View, California.
Multnomah Community Television
MCTV is a non-profit community television station in Gresham, Oregon. Administers of eight cable channels and offers tv production workshops at the facility located on the campus of Mt. Hood Community College.
Napa Public Access Cable Television, Inc.
A non profit tax exempt 501C3, corporation established as the management entity for the public, education and government television station in Napa, California.
North County Local Access TV 5. A public access TV station located in Northern Chautauqua County, New York State.
Norwood Community Television
The public, education, and government access television provider for the city of Norwood, Ohio.
Ojai Community Television
Community television center serving Ojai, California.
One World Media Center
A nonprofit community based media resource center serving the District of Columbia and surrounding area.
Pacifica Community Television
Located in California, 5 miles south of San Francisco.
Paper Tiger Television NYC
Appears across the country on public access cable channels with non-commercial, uncensored channels available for public use. The series is produced by a volunteer collective of media producers, educators and activists.
Pasadena Community Access Corporation
A non-profit corporation that provides community access cable television for the citizens of municipal Pasadena, California.
Pelican Style
This site is devoted to the Novato public access television show.
Pocatello's Community Access TV
Pocatello Vision 12 is one of the oldest community access channels in the country located in Pacatello, Idaho.
Puente Hills Community Programming Corporation
Community Television serving the California communities of Hacienda Heights, La Puente, City of Industry, Valinda, Basset and North Whittier.
Romeoville Public Television
Channel 6 (RPTV) was established in March 1992 to serve the diverse needs of Romeoville, Illinois through the medium of cable television.
Rudy the Rubber Show
The world's first talking condom and he's got his own live tv show.
Salisbury, Maryland Community Access TV
Community television in Wicomico County, Maryland on Maryland's Eastern Shore.
SFUSD Educational Cable Access Channel
The educational cable access channel for the San Francisco unified school district located in San Francisco, California.
Skye Cable
Skye Cable provides residents of Waterbury, Middlebury, Prospect, Wolcott, Plymouth, and Terryville, Connecticut, with access to noncommercial television programs, governmental and educational programming, as well as production and supporting services at no charge.
Slouch T.V.
The Childrens Corner television program takes you into the World of the Magical Couch to meet the band and characters.
Ste. Genevieve Public Television
Channel 7 public access tv for Ste. Genevieve, Missouri, a community of 4,400.
Tampa PEG Access
Public, educational and government access in Tampa, Florida.
A public access cable channel available to the residents of Torrance, California that provides the equipment, facilities, training and support free-of-charge to Torrance residents so that they can produce and cablecast their own cable television shows.
The Education Channel
The Education Channel is a non-profit, noncommercial educational television station devoted to using the power of television as an educational force in Hillsborough County, Florida.
The Global Village CAT
Contains links to Public Access TV Stations all over the world.
The HarryMan Show
Public access television program featuring down loadable episodes and pictures.
The More than Music Show
Memphis TN cable access show in 10th yr, featuring local music and a Saturday night live type comedy show.
The Wright Place
Television show hosted by Dr. Letitia Wright, D.C. focused on the Inland Empire, CA.
Tuckahoe Educational Access
A service of the Tuckahoe Public School District, serving Tuckahoe, Eastchester and Bronxville New York on Channel 75.
Unlimited Access Variety
Always accepting submitted footages from access producers worldwide.
Waycross Community Media
The public, education and government access television provider for the communities of Forest Park, Greenhills, and Springfield Township in Ohio.
Educational access channel for Warren Consolidated Schools, Michigan.
Wisconsin Association of PEG Channels
Membership information, newsletters and more.

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